Success of Bangladesh in Call for Proposal-5 [CFP5]

Success of Bangladesh in Call for Proposal-5 [CFP5]

  • Dec 26
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It is a matter of utmost pride and pleasure that in recently announced results under “Call for Proposal-5 [CFP-5]” by TEIN*CC it has been found that out of 21 awarded projects BdREN and its member institutes could grasp five (5) against their names. Here is the brief of the success story under different Work Packages (WP2-WP6):

Name of Packages    Number of Packages Awarded        Packages awarded against BdREN and its members

WP-2                                   3                                                                    3

WP-3                                   2                                                                    1

WP-4                                   5                                                                    0

WP-5                                   9                                                                    1

WP-6                                  2                                                                     0

Total                                   21                                                                   5

It is observed that the success rate of Bangladesh is around 24% which is quite heartening. Not only that, in many of the proposals BdREN and its member institutions have emerged as the beneficiaries which are also noteworthy too.

We, on behalf of BdREN, congratulate all the awardee institutions in Bangladesh and the team members working behind it from the core of our hearts. Hope their endeavor will continue in the same way in the future to make a successful implementation of the awarded projects and to pull more name and fame for our beloved motherland.

Here goes the URL for the detail results:

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