Bandwidth and Connectivity BdREN has taken lease of more than 3200 km of Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) distributed throughout the country from Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) for 20 years in 2011 to establish BdREN backbone network.

BdREN has made its connectivity with 34 Public Universities, 2 International Universities (Islamic University of Technology, Gazipur & Asian University for Women, Chittagong), 3 Private Universities (North South University, Independent University & BRAC University) and University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) through optical fiber with PGCB OPGW network to build a single Research and Education Network (REN).

Every Public University having some network equipment provided by BdREN with 1G network connectivity. The distribution PoPs with having dual 10Gbps connectivity with core network. Client universities are connected through 1Gbps link to access layer router that connected to the nearest distribution PoPs with 1Gbps link.

Commercial Internet Bandwidth BdREN as three different upstream connectivity for internet bandwidth. BdREN has subscribed 4Gbps commercial internet bandwidth with its renowned multiple upstream. Universities around the country has subscribed amount of commercial internet bandwidth as per their need and making yearly payment against the service. Currently BUET is subscribed maximum more than 600Mbps commercial internet bandwidth from BdREN.

International Academic Bandwidth BdREN is providing international academic bandwidth to the universities to connect with international academic community. To providing the service, BdREN has established dedicated connectivity with Trans Eurasia Information Network (TEIN). Students, academician and researcher can easily collaborate with the global research and educational community. TEIN connectivity ensured the easy access to the global journal or newsletter or any research documents. Universities connected with BdREN network has not to paying any additional amount for the international internet bandwidth.


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