Administrative Features User Features

File Category Management

✔ Add, Update & Remove category

✔ Multiple search & Column wise sort option

User Management

✔ Add, Update & Remove user

✔ Multiple search & Column wise sort option

Department/Designation Management

✔ Add, Update & Remove department

✔ Multiple search & Column wise sort option

Access to view all Files

✔ Admin will able to view all files

✔ View access file feed and letter.

Login/Logout Histories

✔ Login and logout time tracking for all users

Login System

✔ Login using registered email address

✔ Password Management & reset functionality

✔ Profile management

✔ Personal information

✔ Profile Image & Signature that are used officially

File Management

✔ File Creation

✔ File Inbox

✔ My files

✔ Multiple searching option

Note Management

✔ Create multiple notes

✔ Pending notes management o Notes to view only

Note Attachment

✔ Multiple files upload / modify

✔ Different file format supported
(i.e., pdf, docx, doc, ppt, etc.)