APAN53 "Hybrid" Meeting Demonstration

  • Oct 09
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BdREN technical team has successfully demonstrated to the APAN Technical Committee the hybrid meeting set up on October 4, 2021, that will be used at the APAN 53 inaugural meeting. Prof. Dr. Dil Afroza Begum, Member UGC, and APAN technical team were satisfied with the sound and video quality. They also gave some suggestions and advice on where BdREN can improve. It has been decided that BdREN will conduct another test from the main venue next February.

Participants [From Bangladesh]: 

  1. Prof. Dr. Dil Afroza Begum, Member UGC
  2. Mohammad Tawrit, CEO BdREN
  3. Sayedur Rahman, Member of APAN53 Technical Committee
  4. Dr. Mohammad Farooq Ali Tarafder  ACS, ACMA
  5. Md. Ariful Islam, Manager, Data and Transmission
  6. Md. Sajidul Islam, Sr. Network Engineer, Data and NOC
  7. Shamim Ahmed, Network Engineer, NOC

Participants [Member of  APAN Technical Committee]: Markus Buchhorn, Jamie Gillespie, Andrew Howard, Brook Schofield,Veerachai Tanpipat, and Linmei Zu

Participants [APAN SEC]: Liana, and Shaan

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