Meeting with TEIN*CC on NNA Report

Meeting with TEIN*CC on NNA Report

  • Sep 01
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A meeting has been conducted between TEIN*CC and NNA Team on 1 September 2021.

The Participants are:

  1. Sanggyun Kim - TEIN*CC
  2. Louis Hyunho Choi - TEIN*CC
  3. Roshan G. Ragel - LEARN (PI)
  4. Mohammad Tawrit - BdREN (Co-PI)
  5. Asitha Bandaranayake - LEARN (Member)
  6. Kh. Rashedul Arefin - BdREN (Member)

NNA Team presented their report outline to TEIN*CC. They also presented their analysis methodology with findings. TEIN*CC gave their valuable feedback and also suggestion. 

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