Panel Discussion APAN-51: Post COVID Internet Development Challenges

Panel Discussion APAN-51: Post COVID Internet Development Challenges

  • Feb 07
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Description: COVID-19 has brought the internet as well as R&E community together to rethink to redefine ways of increased internet accessibility while being safe at homes. The developing countries of the Asia Pacific have grown in the past decade such that the end users specially the students are getting best R&E services on campus, whereas the students at home are lacking best internet services due to bandwidth hungry educational services, complete online educational suite as well as ethics of studying at home. While, we have learnt to conveniently work at home, students still need help on how to learn at home.

NRENs are adapting to the new norms quickly, however, mostly NRENs plan their accessibility with support of the Telcos. Technological reforms required for NRENs to assist the students studying at home? How can the Telcos and NRENs come together for a better future with increasing their footprints to far reaching places? Role of Internet Exchange points?

The session held in time mostly in the form of question and answering where moderator Dr. Ihsan opened the floor with question and each of the panelist take their turn to give their comments on it. It was an enthralling session with lots of insights into the post COVID-19 issues related with the collaboration between NRENs and Telecoms. The following takeaways were finally inferred:

  • Collaboration between NRENs and Telecom Operators particularly in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were well appreciated and can be simulated as an example in other countries.
  • Government initiative is needed to make the development in the last mile by Telecom Operators.
  • Accessibility and Affordability are identified as challenges of imparting education online which might lead to higher digital divide if not addressed properly.
  • SingAREN’s Research Traffic soared higher although there was a drop in Commodity Traffic. The situation with regard to commodity traffic was same in other NRENs.
  • Overall worldwide Commodity Traffic surged higher from 10 to 40%.
  • Community Driven services might be considered for such disaster management which might need collaboration from Telecom Operators.

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