Notice of Award: NREN Needs Assessment

Notice of Award: NREN Needs Assessment

  • Jan 27
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BdREN won the consultancy job on "NREN Needs Assessment (NNA)" which has been awarded by TEIN*CC on 28 January 2021. This is the highest value international consultancy job that has been won by BdREN so far. The attainment of the contract stands out to be a unique distinction and noteworthy achievement in this community. This achievement is a follow-up of BdREN's earlier achievement of winning another consultancy contract for framing "Asi@Connect Compendium-2019" in October 2020 which worths an amount of 10,000 Euros.

  • Scope:

TEIN*CC wants to make a Need Assessment Analysis which will identify the real need as well as recognize the strengths of each NREN. Consequently, TEIN*CC will be able to prioritize the allocation of financing by choosing the right project. Therefore, the budget can be allocated in a more effective way to address the needs and to utilize (in addition to boosting) the strengths, if needed.

  • Deliverables:

In short, the deliverables of this NREN Needs Assessment will develop:

•An NREN Need Assessment Model

•An NREN Maturity Model

•Framework for NREN Assistance

•Strategies for NREN Assistance

  • Timeline:

•1 February 2021 – 31 May 2021

  • Value:

•EURO 36,300.00

  • Activities Involved:

•Prepare decision Matrix and questionnaire

•Collect information from NRENs and its Member Institutions

•Analyze the collected data and frame the decision matrix

•Development of Models and Financing Framework

•Framing Recommendations

•Submission of Final Report


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