BdREN Hosts SaaS Service for Nepal REN (NREN)

BdREN Hosts SaaS Service for Nepal REN (NREN)

  • Sep 27
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BdREN, the National Research and Education Network of Bangladesh, has made an unique venture in supporting the Video Conferencing Services of Nepal Research and Education Network by hosting the Multi-Media Router (MMR) Servers of Zoom Application in the BdREN Data Center platform. Engineers of both BdREN and NREN with their sincere effort could finally end up their configuration and testing and finally commissioned the service on 22 September, 2020. Probably, this is the first of its kind initiative by any NREN in Asia to share its Data Center capacity. With high demand from the community during this moment of time at the outbreak and upsurge of COVID-19 and with NREN not having enough computing resources, BdREN has come forward with its spare Data Center capacity to help out NREN honoring its request.

To be mentioned that the Zoom Application installed under this setup was a contribution from NORDUnet under a project titled "facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing facility" awarded as a sub-project of Asi@Connect with five other beneficiary countries. The countries are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. BdREN highly acknowledges this noteworthy contribution from NORDUnet as well as awarding of such projects by Asi@Connect, both of which deserves special acclaims and accolades.

BdREN hopes that with application of policy routing the traffic generated against the services could be routed through the TEIN platform which could be one step forward towards meeting the long standing objective of Asi@Connect to increase the research traffic. At the same time this sharing of computing resources will enhance the utilization of resources of those NRENs having spare capacity in their Data Center and thus it will result in increased level of cooperation and brotherhood among the NRENs.

BdREN further hopes that following this example other NRENs, particularly the NRENs of developed countries, will come forward to mitigate the scarcity of computing resources of the developing or under developed countries and thereby contributing to the development of research activities in the former. This will certainly usher a new way to reduce the digital divide which exists between the countries across Asia and Pacific region.

BdREN appreciates any suggestion with regard to enrichment and embellishment of the offered service.

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