IAM training

IAM training

  • Aug 07
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Australian Access Federation (AAF) under its Asi@Connect Project "Increasing Federated Identity, Roaming and E-infrastructure (iFIRE)" arrange Identity Access Management (IAM) Task Force Training/workshop in APAN50 meeting (Virtual Meeting + Conference, Hong Kong). The training workshops was designed for NRENs planning to operate, or already operate as the National Identity Federation Operator. As a NREN of Bangladesh BdREN has participated in this workshop. 

The Objectives of this training was:

      o   To increase the number of active R&E identity federations in the Asia Pacific region.

      o   To increase the number of Asia Pacific identity federations connected globally through eduGAIN.

      o   To increase the size, utility and awareness of established R&E identity federation in the Asia Pacific region leading to an increase of researchers utilizing  the federations across the region.

     o   To ensure that federations developed within the Asia Pacific region are built on existing best practice principles.

      o   Ensure eduroam deployments follow best practices and utilize the leading-edge support tools.

BdREN also participated IAM WG Meeting. Along with other NRENs BdREN updates the meeting about its federation and eduroam activities.


URL    : https://apan2020.apan.net/?p=353

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