Meeting on Maintenance of the Campus Network Installed under G.74-AF Package in 19 Campuses

Meeting on Maintenance of the Campus Network Installed under G.74-AF Package in 19 Campuses

  • Jul 04
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A meeting was held online at 21 June, 2022 on Zoom platform about the maintenance of the campus-network installed under G.74-AF package in 19 campuses. All ICT Directors form 19 Campus Network and CEO and CTO of BdREN was invited in the meeting. Prof. Dr. Monir Morshed (MBSTU), Mr. Sazzad Wahid (BUET), Prof. Dr. Md. Rubaiyat Hossain Mondal (BUET), Prof. Dr. S.M. Taohidul Islam (PSTU), Prof. Md. Anwar Hossain (PUST), Mr. Mihirlal Sarkar (KUET), Mr. Md. Shamim Rahman (JUST), Mr, B.M. Ariful Islam (BSMRSTU), Prof. Dr. A.H.M. Ashfak Habib (CUET), Mr. Md. Mominul Islam (NU), Prof. Dr. Md. Ali Hossain (RUET), Prof. Dr. Md. Emran Hossain (CVASU), Prof. Rahat Hossain Faisal (BU), Mohammad Tawrit (BdREN), Ekhlas Uddin Ahmed (BdREN) graced the meeting with their presence. 

Meeting started with Mohmmad Tawrit, CEO, BAREN welcoming all the attendees. CEO, BdREN then described the objectives of the meeting, which was collecting the response about their willingness to take the maintenance services of the installed campus network from BdREN and if so, what are the steps that need to be followed. It was further mentioned that the issue has become very critical as the warranty support service rendered by data edge limited expired on April 2022. He also unfolded the consequences of taking and not taking maintenance service from BdREN and delineated the detail procedure for the universities to follow if they agree to take this service from BdREN.

In response to above query, the university representatives responded in their own way, though all, who responded, agreed in principle to take the maintenance service from BdREN. The responses from the university representatives and the subsequent comment and clarifications from CEO, BdREN are mentioned below:

RUET ICT Cell Director, Prof. Dr. Md. Ali Hossain Sir informed the meeting that RUET wants to take the service from BdREN. However, he mentioned that as campus infrastructure is a dynamic one, there are many new buildings which have been developed after the campus network was built which obviously demands the extension of the existing network to those new buildings. As such, he requested BdREN to make arrangements for extension of the network to the new buildings/floors. At the same time, he requested BdREN to maintain the device homogeneity while extending the network.

CEO, BdREN thanked him for his intention to take the services from BdREN. And also expressed his commitment to help RUET in figuring out the requirements for enrichment of the network if BDREN is officially requested to do so. 

PSTU ICT Cell Director, Prof. Dr. S.M. Taohidul Islam mentioned that they are also interested to take the maintenance services from BdREN. In addition, he suggested BdREN to develop 1 or 2 on-campus engineers (from University ICT team) so that they can take care of the issues simultaneously in presence of BdREN Engineer. CEO, BdREN appreciated his comments and pledged to ensure organizing capacity development programs to strengthen the capacity of the workforce of the university. 

Professor Dr. Monir Morshed of MBSTU ICT Cell mentioned that MBSTU is fine with the services proposed to be offered against SI. No. 1 and SI. No. 2 as mentioned in the letter sent by BdREN, but they have some observations about the item on SI, No. 3, (on-Campus BdREN Engineer). 

BUET representative Mr. Sazzad Wahid informed the meeting that they (BUET) have already sent a positive response about taking BdREN’s maintenance services in reply to BdREN’s letter.

CUET ICT Cell Director Prof. Dr. Abu Hasnat Mohammad Ashfak Habib informed the meeting that CUET has already taken positive decision for taking maintenance services from BdREN.

PUST ICT Cell Director Prof. Md. Anwar Hossain informed the meeting about extending the campus network to 12 under-construction buildings and also to extend the UTP to the room services for existing students’ hall. CEO, BdREN clarified that, it would have been easier for BUREN had PUST signed the MoU that was furnished before. Anyway, BdREN will positively consider this issue once PUST makes an official request. But, as it will require the approval from BoT, CEO is not in a position to confirm. In this connection, a meeting has been proposed between BdREN and PUST anytime next week (26th - 30th June). CTO, BdREN will arrange the meeting.

BU ICT Cell Director Prof. Rahat Hossain Faisal expressed his willingness for taking BdREN’s maintenance services; and he informed that the official approval for the issue is just a matter of time.

BSMRSTU, ICT Cell Representative Mr. B.M. Ariful Islam explicitly mentioned his desire to take BdREN’s maintenance service. 

Finally, CEO, BAREN wrapped up the meeting with the following remarks:

It is well understood that all the universities unanimously agreed to take the maintenance services of their installed campus network from BdREN. All the universities will officially intimate CEO, BdREN about their intention of taking such services from BdREN. At the same time, the university authority will send an official request to Honorable Chairman, UGC to allocate the budget as claimed by BdREN. CEO, BdREN will write officially to Honorable Chairman, UGC to allocate the said budget to each individual university once they solicit for allocation of the same.

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