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VAT is a very important subject of today`s life. It is more important for the people whose decisions matter for their businesses, industries and offices. People dealing with VAT, Income Tax, management, finance, supply chain, audit, etc in different businesses, industries and offices require to know Bangladesh VAT Systems and VAT & SD Act 2012, SROs, GOs, and Circulars.


The objective of this program is to provide the participants basic knowledge regarding the Bangladesh VAT System, the features of the VAT and SD Act, 2012 and VDS. 


Lecture, discussion, question & answer and quiz.


After completing this short course participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the history of VAT, some of its advantages and disadvantages
  • Discuss basic feature of VAT & SD Act 2012
  • Identify how VAT applies to transactions of both goods and services
  • Discuss how VDS applies.
  • Identify administrative issues that VAT requires.

Contents of the Course:

  1. History VAT & the background of the adoption of VAT law;
  2. The Valued Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Act, 2012;
  3. VAT Deduction at Source (VDS):
  4. What is VAT at source?
  5. Who should deduct VAT at source?
  6. Where VAT is to be deducted at source
  7. Rates of VAT deduction at source;
  8. Special Procedures regarding Procurement Provider;
  9. Formalities of the supplier of goods and services;
  10. Formalities of by the VAT deducting authorities;

Basic information of the Course:

Duration of the Course           : 6 Hours

Number of Sessions               : 6

Duration of per session          : 2 Hours

Methodology of the course    : Lecture, Practice and Quiz

Time                                       : 7 pm to 8 pm 

Course Start Date                   : 21.04.2020                           

Instructor of the Course         : Dr. Mohammad Farooq Ali Tarafder ACMA

                                                  GM (HR, Admin & Finance)


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