Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

An 8(eight) week online course on “Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop” has started on 21 March, 2020 under “facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing facility (fDLuDCf)” project organized by BdREN. The project is being financed by Asi@Connect, the forum of 23 National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in the Asia-Pacific region. The course contains hands-on demonstration and exercises so that the trainees will get a real touch and go feelings of configuring Big Data platform by themselves.

Duration:21 March to 09 May 2020

Venue: Virtual "Using Zoom Application"

Instructor: Engr. Palash Gupta, Consultant, OSS/CEM/Big Data

Overview: Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop is an ideal course for individuals who want to understand the basic concepts of Big Data and Hadoop. On completing this course, trainees will be able to interpret what goes behind the processing of huge volume & variety of data as the industry moves from relational database analytics consuming high processing time to real-time analytics with extensively expedited processing speed. In addition, the trainees would be able to relate when it is efficient designing solution on top of Big Data and how it is designed to store large data set in distributed mode using a cost-effective model.

URL for details: https://dle.asiaconnect.bdren.net.bd/upcoming_event/big-data/

  1. Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop
  2. Understanding Hadoop HDFS & Map Reduce
  3. Basic Hadoop Configuration, Setup, Administration and Command Reference
  4. Understanding Spark Essential, Architecture
  5. Spark Configuration, Administration & Setup
  6. Fundamental of Python and Shell Scripting
  7. Programming with HDFS & Spark

Participants:"Registration is still ongoing" Expected# 200 from 5 different countries

1Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop21 March, 202016:00~18:002 Hours
2Understanding Hadoop HDFS & Map Reduce28 March 202016:00~18:002 Hours
3Basic Hadoop Configuration, Setup, Administration and Command Reference04 April 202016:00~18:002 Hours
4Understanding Spark Essential, Architecture11 April 202016:00~18:002 Hours
5Spark Configuration, Administration & Setup18 April 202016:00~18:002 Hours
6Fundamental of Python and Shell Scripting25 April 202011:00~13002 Hours
7Programming with HDFS & Spark02 May 202011:00~13002 Hours
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