RMSTU connected with BdREN network, A hurdle conquered

RMSTU connected with BdREN network, A hurdle conquered

  • Nov 20
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In a remarkable stride towards enhancing connectivity across the country, Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) recently achieved a huge success by connecting Rangamati Science and Technology University (RMSTU) to its cutting-edge Optical Fiber Network. Situated in the challenging hill track of Chattogram, the connection of RMSTU posed geographical hurdles that BdREN overcame adeptly. The relentless dedication of BdREN's workforce, in conjunction with the invaluable support from the supplier (M/S Hamida) and the unwavering assistance of RMSTU authority, made this endeavor a reality.

Expressing gratitude to RMSTU for their active involvement and continuous support, BdREN acknowledges the pivotal role played by the honorable Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Shelina Akhter in facilitating a smooth operation for the former. "It might look inclusion of another university for the community, but it is a giant leap forward for BdREN" " emphasized Mr. Mohammad Tawrit, the Chief Executive Officer of BdREN, recognizing the importance of this achievement.

The successful connection of the University presents a cause for celebration, underscoring the collaborative efforts of all parties involved. This momentous achievement will pave the way for BdREN to pursue future challenges, solidifying its commitment to advancing the academic environment of the country with its state of the art services. 

The connectivity of RMSTU into BdREN's network signifies not only an expansion of the optical fiber network but also a profound step towards fostering academic growth and excellence. This accomplishment underscores BdREN's relentless dedication to creating an interconnected educational landscape, crossing geographic barriers and ensuring access to digital services for the betterment of the academic community.

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