Organizing Collaborative Workshop with non-Government Universities in Dhaka

Organizing Collaborative Workshop with non-Government Universities in Dhaka

  • Nov 18
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Dhaka, November 16, 2023: In a remarkable initiative, Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) orchestrated an interactive workshop today, titled “Enriching Higher Education Leveraging BdREN Resources”, uniting Vice-Chancellors, Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Registrars and other distinguished administrative and technical officers from 32 non-Government universities in Dhaka. The event, held at the University Grants Commission (UGC) Auditorium, aimed to foster collaboration between the university authorities with BdREN with UGC playing the facilitating role. The event further tried to familiarize the audience with BdREN’s cutting-edge services and solutions.

The workshop was graced by Prof. Dr. Biswajit Chanda, a distinguished Member of the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, serving as the “Chief guest”. Mr. Omar Faruq, Director of Private University Division, UGC, attended the event as a “Special guest”. The session was presided over by Mohammad Tawrit, CEO of BdREN, who welcomed the audience with a comprehensive overview of the organization's services and emphasized its unique ownership structure, being governed by university representatives.

Tawrit highlighted BdREN's commitment to providing top-notch services at minimal costs, emphasizing the fact that the organization is owned by the universities themselves. The workshop featured detailed presentations by Ekhlas Uddin Ahmed, Chief Technical Officer of BdREN, and Khandakar Rashedul Arefin, Manager (Data Center), shedding light on BdREN's network infrastructure and services, including Zoom, Storage, Cloud Services, Identity Federation, In-built software applications and many more.

Mr. Omar Faruk encouraged universities to actively engage themselves with BdREN’s services, recognizing the value they bring to the academic institutions. He also requested BdREN to be more vigilant in acclimatizing the university authorities about the features and benefits of its offered services by knocking door to door. 

Prof. Chanda commended BdREN for its outstanding services, guided and supported by the UGC, and expressed his optimism about the organization's potential to further propel the universities into the advanced world.

The workshop progressed into engaging group discussions and feedback sessions, with participants including Vice-Chancellors, Registrars, and IT personnel. BdREN aspires that their valuable insights and suggestions will contribute to enhancing BdREN's services tailored to the evolving needs of the academic community.

The event included exciting quiz sessions, elegantly conducted by Mr. Nafew and the Mistress of the Ceremony Ms. Khadiza, who kept the audience charmed and engaged throughout the program. The intervening quizzes brought significant excitement among the participants who spontaneously participated by raising their voices.

In his closing remarks, BdREN's Chief expressed gratitude, reaffirming the BdREN's commitment to advancing the academic landscape through collaborative initiatives and also expressed his expectation that BdREN is going to meet the same audience in near future to collect the feedback and assess the outcome of the event.

This successful workshop marks another milestone in BdREN's ongoing efforts to empower universities with state-of-the-art services and foster a thriving academic community in Bangladesh. For further updates and information on BdREN's initiatives, please visit the

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