Important Notification for BdREN Zoom Users: Migration of BdREN ZOOM accounts

Important Notification for BdREN Zoom Users: Migration of BdREN ZOOM accounts

  • Oct 03
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We do hope that you have been enjoying the benefits of BdREN's Zoom Service for your virtual meetings and collaboration needs for quite sometime. It goes without mentioning that this is a flagship service of BdREN and we are proud to offer our users this prime service at almost no cost. At this moment, we have some important notification for you regarding a migration in our Zoom services that are expected to bring better benefits for you, but at the same time it might need some intervention from your end.

Up until now, BdREN Zoom service has been supported through a project partnership with NORDUnet. As this project comes to an end, BdREN has taken steps to ensure the uninterrupted availability of Zoom services to our member institutes. To achieve this, BdREN has established a direct and longer term relationship with Zoom Corporation to continue the high-quality service you are already experienced with. The shifting process involves the migration of accounts from the earlier to the new platform and we need to notify you the following:

  • New Accounts: All BdREN Zoom accounts will be established as new accounts on the Zoom platform. This means that your existing account details, including meeting history and recordings, will not be available after 12 October, 2023 - the scheduled date of migration.
  • Meeting Details: We strongly advise you to download any necessary meeting details, recordings, or other data from your existing  account before 12 October, 2023. After this date, access to this data will not be possible. And we would earnestly request you to start the process immediately, because the process is obviously time consuming.
  • Account Settings: Your account settings may be reset during the migration. This includes settings like microphone/video controls upon entering a meeting, screen sharing permissions, and similar others. We recommend taking screenshots or making notes of your existing settings to ensure a smooth adjustment after the migration that is 12 October, 2023.

We are pleased to inform you that with this transition to the new system you will be facilitated with the following additional benefits:

  • facebook/youtube streaming
  • cloud storage of your recording
  • a more consistent meeting records containing the list of participants
  • a further stability in zoom support services

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in migrating the Zoom accounts from the old to the new system.

We also look forward to serving your virtual meeting and collaboration needs through this new phase for a longer period of time. Thank you for your continued trust in BdREN in enjoying its Zoom Service.

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