45th meeting of BdREN Board of Trustees was held on 22 June 2023

45th meeting of BdREN Board of Trustees was held on 22 June 2023

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The Board of Trustees of the Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) convened in its 45th meeting at the BdREN Video Conferencing room, UGC Building, Agargaon. The meeting, presided over by Prof. Dr. Kazi Shahidullah, marked Honorable Professor’s first appearance in a BoT meeting in his second tenure as the Chairperson of BdREN on his reappointment as UGC Chairman. It was also the first meeting of Prof. Dr. Muhammed Alamgir as the new Vice-Chairperson of BdREN owing to the expiry of the incumbency of Prof. Dr. Dil Afroza Begum, ex-Member UGC and ex-Vice Chairperson of BdREN.

Amidst the proceedings, the BdREN board expressed their warm welcome to both Prof. Dr. Kazi Shahidullah and Prof. Dr. Muhammed Alamgir in their new tenure of leadership. Prof. Shahidullah affirmed his unwavering dedication towards driving BdREN's initiatives forward and harnessing the potential of BdREN in the digital transformation of the higher education and research sector in Bangladesh. Similarly, Prof. Alamgir, upon assuming the role of Vice-Chairperson, conveyed his appeasement in getting the opportunity to contribute to BdREN's endeavors. 

The 45th meeting of the BdREN Board of Trustees concluded on a positive note, with renewed commitment and enthusiasm to propel BdREN's initiatives for the benefit of the academic and research community in Bangladesh. In passing the budget for the financial year 2023-24 the Honorable Chairperson urged BdREN leadership to make sure that the goals targeted in the budget is well-attained without compromising the quality of services of BdREN. Also, it was echoed by all BoT members that as BdREN continues to evolve and expand its network and services, it should remain steadfast in its mission to drive innovation, knowledge dissemination, and research excellence.

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