Data Center with Cloud Computing Facility: BdREN has a Data Center (DC) situated in UGC and a Data Recovery Center (DR) at BUET with having modern technological equipment related to transmission network/data network/cloud computing/video conferencing/unified communication. DC and DR is well equipped with passive equipment like power, two-way power backup, cooling, fire fighting, WLDS, raise floor, lighting etc.

BdREN has its own cloud-computing infrastructure with having managed cloud services, central storage, data replication with DR center from DC and virtualization platform. The following services are currently providing by BdREN to the universities.

  • Virtual Machine (Windows, Linux and So one): BdREN has 24 blade server with having 40 core processor and 20GB RAM of each server to providing on demand virtual machine with higher configuration to the researcher/faculty/student. Clients are subscribed a VM for a certain amount of time as per their need.
  • Web hosting: BdREN has web hosting facility in their cloud. Universities can host their web server to the BdREN cloud.
  • Shared Storage: BdREN has more than 250TB central storage in its data center and another 150TB storage in DR. Subscriber can avail storage as per their need based on VM.
  • E-Mail Services: Universities can have their own email service by using BdREN cloud. Experts of BdREN always ready to consult with the universities to build their own infrastructure by using BdREN cloud.
  • Others: BdREN is providing on demand cloud service to the university. By using BdREN Infrastructure universities can host any of their service like research, application hosting, database hosting etc.

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