Establish 1Gbps Connectivity with NKN


Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) is a high-speed highcapacity communication network which has been implemented by University Grants Commission through Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP), a project initiated by Ministry of Education, with the Financing of World Bank. The main objective in implementing BdREN is to cater the customized demand of the faculties, researchers and students in order to facilitate research activities in Bangladesh. By establishing BdREN, a low-delay and high-bandwidth network has been created which uses cutting-edge technology to provide best of the services at optimum cost. At the same time by establishing its connectivity with regional as well as global education and research network it facilitates the researchers to avail innovative applications and services.

BdREN, using the Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) Network of Power Grid Company Bangladesh (PGCB) as its backbone, has already connected 34 Public Universities, 2 International Universities and 5 Private Universities with its network. Very recently, 12 Medical Colleges and 10 Research Institutes have also been connected to BdREN. BdREN has been striving for introducing new Applications and Services and also for expanding its network to new institutions.

BdREN which has been implemented by UGC through HEQEP as one of its subcomponents, has been handed over to BdREN Trust on 31 December 2018. Basically, BdREN Trust has been formed with the objectives of operating this organization as a “Non-Profit” venture and to make it sustainable. BdREN Trust has 11 BoT members with Chairman, UGC as the Chairperson, Member UGC as ViceChairperson, Vice Chancellors of both public and private universities, representative from Ministry of Education and other elite personnel from the industry. BdREN Trust has taken charge of the operational and maintenance activities of BdREN on 01 January 2019.

Services being offered by BdREN

Along with providing Internet Services to its member institutions BdREN has been offering High Performance Computing and Large-volume Storage Services, Video Conferencing Services, Distance Learning Services, Hosting and Colocation Services, Educational Roaming (Eduroam) Services, Access to Digital Library, Human Resource development and many other modern services which are beyond the capacity of a traditional Internet Service Provider (ISP). At the same time BdREN has made significant investment in developing the infrastructure of the universities, medical colleges and research institutes through HEQEP financing. The principal aim of BdREN is to bring all the researchers across the country and across the globe under a single roof.

It is to be mentioned that BdREN has been connected with regional and global research and education network through Asi@Connect using a 45Mbps connectivity established via DhakaSingapore link. Asi@Connect is the regional network connecting National Research and Education Networks (NREN) of 23 countries in Asia with each country having at least one Research and Inauguration of National Knowledge Network (NKN) Extension to Bangladesh (under NKN Extension to SAARC nations) Data Center, BdREN Education Network providing connectivity to universities, medical colleges, hospitals, libraries, museums, government organizations, schools/colleges and research institutions in respective countries. Through Asi@Connect BdREN is literally connected with the pan-European R&E Network GEANT, the North American R&E Network Internet2 and many other research and education networks distributed across the world. Thus, BdREN is now connected to 55 million researchers located in 15,000 research and academic institutes.

National Knowledge Network (NKN), India:

National Knowledge Network (NKN) project is aimed at establishing a strong and robust network in India interconnecting all knowledge and research institutions through a high-bandwidth network. It has already connected 475 universities, 334 research institutes, 233 medical institutes, 107 government offices, 27 libraries/museums and 513 other offices in India.

Benefits of Extension of NKN Connectivity to BdREN:

This connectivity will bolster our present 45Mbps connectivity with Asi@Connect through Singapore and will increase the availability of the network at the same time as it will work as a redundant connectivity. Moreover, as its bandwidth is significantly higher than the present one, along with research traffic the spare bandwidth can be further utilized by pulling traffic from Google, Microsoft, Akamai and Facebook cache servers connected with NKN. In a recent meeting with NKN representative during APAN47 at Daejeon, South Korea NKN representative has confirmed the Caching Services. Also, it has been reported that based on utilization this link may be upgraded to 10Gbps. In brief, the connectivity with NKN is going to be a revolutionary step towards development of research in Bangladesh.

Financing of the Link:

The link has been established with full financing from India. In a bilateral meeting in Singapore during APAN45 summit NKN representatives informed BdREN that it will bear the link’s operational and maintenance cost for next 5(five) years.